Announcing the Release of Our New Help Center Enhancements

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

NEW YORK — As your business models evolve during these challenging times, our goal to provide the best experience remains the same. We want to help you efficiently and effectively get the timely support that you need. As a result, we implemented the following new features:

  • Routing cases to specific areas: The revamped case creation process enables the easy selection of resources within your account to make sure that your case is seen by the proper Support Team.

  • Providing feedback for your created case: Your opinion matters, and we want it to ensure we are providing our best support experience. Now you can give feedback during the case resolution process. For each response provided by support, you have the ability to provide positive or negative feedback to help improve our overall quality of feedback, time to resolution, and customer satisfaction.

  • Improved personalized digital self-help: Leverage a list of popular FAQs that are curated based on your issue, along with our powerful search tool that directs you to the complete Workpledge AI Cloud documentation.

  • Live Chat Support: The Aria Bot allows us to meet our customers where they’re most comfortable having a conversation. But adding live chat is about more than just customer preferences. Aria provides a flexible, quick, and centralized workspace.

Ready to embark on your Workpledge AI Cloud Support experience? Head over to the Help Center to get started!


Attn: Press Office

Workpledge Brands

New York, NY, 10166, US

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